Top app picks of 2017

Top app picks of 2017

By Tad Brooker

With another great year behind us and a plethora of awesome applications that have come across my desk, I have put together this list of the top 7 apps of 2017. This is a simple quick list and not exhaustive as that would take too much time and paper because there are too many to list!

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) a definite Photoshop killer at a fraction of the price you can cut, paste, edit and do everything you ever dreamed of to your photos.

NixNote2 a Linux replacement for Evernote (That will integrate with Evernote) for taking notes, organizing text, thoughs, and sharing among your devices. An awesome way to build that personal knowledge-base of information you will need access to.

VirtualBox a free replacement for VMware workstation, after all WHO can live with just one machine? Build virtual machines running Linux, Windows, Solaris or any operating system you chose. Another great way to test out that new Linux distro you have had your eye on.

Chrome only the best browser we all know and love, yeah I have fallen into the Google Chrome trap and I love it. Quick and easy to install as your default browser and integrated access to all of the G-Suite applications we use on a daily basis.

Remmina remote access to everything, a must for todays business workd as we still need to access legacy Windows systems VIA RDP. This is a great tool to centralize all of your remote Linux and Windows desktops for quick access, a must for sysadmins and geeks alike.

VLC the best video player/streaming software for all digital content. Watching a quick video clip, streaming from YouTube, watching a DVD or playing a music CD, VLC has the options to make it an enjoyable experience.

Teamviewer seems there is always that one odd distro or remote system behind a firewall that you need access to. Teamveiwer is a hosted remote control application that does a good job with many different operating systems allowing you remote control as if you were at the console. Free for personal use only and for a limited number of hosts. (Commercial option available for a charge.)

As I mentioned this is the short-list that I use daily to help me with my engineering and system tasks, there are far too many more to list. If you have a few favorite applications you would like to share, please drop me an email at or post in the comments, we would love to hear about the apps that help make your day-to-day activities run smooth!

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