5 things Linux can do for you in 2018

5 things Linux can do for you in 2018

By Tad Brooker

New year, new me. The time for resolutions is here, I am sure you all made them and hopefully you hold fast to keeping them on track. It is easy to think or say something and then minutes pass and you say the heck with that, I am set in my old ways and this is how you do it!

Me, I am one to quickly forget and fall back into my same ole paths, so this year – my resolutions are none. I have compiled a list of 5 things Linux can do for you in 2018 to make your life better.

Save you money. Get away form corporate greed and the fees that are associated with it. When you use Microsoft Windows you pay for nearly everything you do: the cost of Windows, the cost of office, the cost of Applications, the cost of hardware upgrades and may other hidden fees and subscriptions you are subject to. Linux is FREE, along with all of the applications and software you use, the savings is significant and the instant gratification of installing a free application, no registration, no charge, nothing will free up some dollars in your wallet.

Secure your stuff. Everyone knows Linux is a more stable and more secure operating system, if you have important documents, notes and files, keep them safe by switching to Linux. You can quickly and easily secure your files individually, encrypt important financial documents, and limit read or write access to files right in the operating system. No add-ons, no insecure Winzip “encrypted” files, no 3rd party application needed to maintain your security and privacy – just a couple simple Linux commands and your files are protected against all the little “script kiddies” that crawl around in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Speed it up. Linux has such a small footprint the hardware requirements are a fraction of what a Windows 10 machine requires. Even if installed on a 5 year old system Linux will easily outperform a state of the art Windows system of today. Don’t believe me? Try it, I am sure you have some older hardware laying around, pick a flavor of Linux and throw it on there – you will be impressed. If you are like me, you want to sit down at your computer, get work done and move on. Waiting 90 seconds for windows to start or doing the frequent Microsoft updates at the worst times things of the past, get over them!

Learn. You are never too old to learn, I make it a point to learn something new in many aspects of my life everyday. By running Linux you will open the door to a world of opportunities. Free opportunities, so you will want to learn about them, try them and share them with your friends and family. Build a server, share files with friends, write a blog, you can do all of this FREE on Linux. You will be excited by all of the cool things you can learn and eager to put them in place!

Jump in the cloud. Linux is light years ahead of Microsoft in the cloud integration and connectivity. Google. Dropbox, Nextcloud are all accessible from a browser in Linux and also have plugins to integrate with your operating system. There is no need for a big on-site infrastructure when you can do it free or inexpensively in the cloud, jump in and take a look. It is fun and the room to grow is certainly available!

Take some time to give Linux a try, it does not have to be on your main system or replacing your current Windows installation, an old laptop or desktop will do the trick just fine. Load it up, install it and have fun, you might find that “old system” becoming your “daily driver” again!

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